Seven GIMS monitoring units were installed yesterday at the first pilot area in Slovenia, Vipava valley. Units are stand-alone and integrate the developed EGNSS receiver & antenna, IMU/MEMS unit, inclinometer and compact active SAR transponder in a device continuously connected to the GIMS server. The system will recover deformations with millimeter-level precision. Moreover, the integration of in-situ IMU/MEMS and inclinometer will give (near) real-time alerts in case of sudden movements.

An experienced group from Italy (SportStudio) designed and produced the structural metal components to support the equipment.

In the field, all necessary components like metal poles, supports for antennas, antennas, solar panels, electronic equipment boxes, and connecting cables were mounted. As soon as the units were powered on, they connected to the server and began transmitting monitoring data. Starting from today, this data will be processed and analyzed by the GIMS team for a period of 1 year, to carry out all the operational and experimental activities planned in the framework of the GIMS project.

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