GIMS has been inserted as successful case study in the Market Report published by the European Global Navigation and Satellite Systems Agency.

The report aims at showing the uptake of Galileo and EGNOS by the market and, indeed, GIMS is one of those exemples.

Geomatics professionals already benefit from using EGNSS in a multi-constellation environment, providing higher availability, continuity, reliability and better results in harsh conditions. This is confirmed by a gradual penetration of Galileo in GNSS receivers for surveying
and mapping: as of today, around 55% of the surveying GNSS receivers already support
Galileo and around 90% are EGNOS-capable” (page 91)

Thanks to integration of different monitoring data (EGNSS, Copernicus SAR and other
in-situ sensors) GIMS is able to deliver more precise mesurements of ground deformations with millimetre-level accuracies and daily acquisition rate, all this assembling a e low-cost infrastructure.

The GSA EGNSS selected GIMS as best practice because out its incredibly high market potential.

You can download the full report here.


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