Today Daniele Sampietro of GRED is in Trieste at the Karst Hydrogeology and Geodesy workshop organised by the University of Trieste. He will intervene in the afternoon at 6 pm and present GIMS project with a speech on GNSS monitoring with low cost systems.

The  symposium sees the presence of representatives of variuos Universities: Trieste, Bologna, Vienna, Nova Gorica, Jena and Research Centres such as INGV (Italian National Institute of Vulcanology) and OGS (National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental geophisics).

The symposium is in honour of Prof. Maria Zadro, who dedicated her studies to the Kars region at the end of the meeting a network of three gravimetric stations that will measure the continuous gravity field will be inaugurated.

Gravimeters measure continuous gravity acceleration, and are sensitive to mass variations. The aim is to identify the variation of the gravitational acceleration at the passage of the Timavo flood. Indeed, The Karst straddling Italy and Slovenia is a natural laboratory to study such phenomena, as the Timavo is a well-developed underground river that enters the Karst at the Grotta di San Canziano in Slovenia, runs through a network of underground canals, and finally pours its waters into the Adriatic near Duino.

The underground water flows in Karst environment are conspicuous, such as to constitute an important source of water supply. The use high precision geodetic observations will help measuring minimum ground displacements and mass variations generated by water floods in underground channels.


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