Unicatt starts a field project on GIMS

Seven graduating students attending the McS in Management at Università Cattolica di Milano started a field project commissioned by ComoNExT – Innovation Hub and GReD on GIMS.

A field project consists of a teamwork tutored by one professor with business experience aimed at delivering a “consulting project” to one of the lab’s partnering companies on current issues of concern.

Thanks to a solid partnership between ComoNExT and Unicatt, students have the big opportunity to get in touch with a real working project. The goal of the field project is to bring a realistic solution to the subject who commissioned the work.

This year ComoNExT and GReD asked the teamwork to analyze the preliminary business plan of GIMS and to investigate on market sizing (identify the current European market for GIMS) and on competitors.

The field project complement and complete the training objectives of the master, giving the students opportunities for learning and training with companies, being characterized by a strong synergy between theory and practice. Moreover, being a group project, these activities help building the capacity of teamwork and problem solving.

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